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Modified Nissan Leaf EV to join the 16,000 km Mongol Rally


With emissions and regulations becoming ever more strict, it is no surprise that the rise of electric vehicle competitions, such as Formula E, have slowly been growing over the years. This time however, Nissan plans to take Leaf EV out of its comfort zone by making it participate in grueling Mongol Rally, a grueling 16,000+ km journey that will take from the United Kingdom, all the way to Mongolia. 

Since a standard Nissan Leaf, or any standard electric vehicle for the matter, would not be expected to survive the Mongol Rally, Nissan had help from RML Group. From their collaboration spawned the Leaf AT-EV, based off a standard 30-kWh Leaf. 

To make sure the Leaf would be able to withstand the abuse throughout the treacherous 16,000 km journey, the Leaf received extra protection. Metal plates were welded to the underneath the wishbones, protecting the suspension. Along with that, they also fitted steel braided brake-lines, chunky mudflaps and a 6mm aluminum sump guard.

Considering that the journey involves traversing through some possibly difficult terrain, a set of Speedline SL2 Marmora wheels wrapped in Maxsport RB3 tires were installed. A roof rack was installed to provide additional cargo space crucial on long journeys. An LED light bar was also mounted on the roof rack, lighting up the road on remote parts of the journey.

The inside of the Leaf AT-EV has also been prepped for the rally. Engineers have taken the rear seats along with the rear seatbelts to save 32 kg. A fire protection and a medical kit have been installed in the trunk should something go wrong.

This year's Mongol Rally begins on July 16. Originally started back in 2004, the charity rally is organized by The Adventurists. Each team is expected to raise a minimum of £1000 for charity. No back up is provided along the journey, allowing drivers to interact with the locals along the way. 

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