Electric vehicles are gradually becoming the future of motoring. But if Team APEV and Monster Tajima have anything to say about it, electric vehicles should be racing for the sky... at Pikes Peak, no less.

Team APEV, an acronym that stands for the Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles, has teamed up with legendary Pikes Peak driver Nobuhiro “Monster” Tajima to take on the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) aboard a Team APEV developed electric vehicle.

Team APEV's race car will be entirely electric, and resembles the lines and features normally found in unlimited-class cars of the PPIHC and prototype cars found racing at Le Mans. APEV's car won't be the first EV to make the climb, as 2 EVs made the climb last year. This year's competition will see APEV and Mitsubishi's iMiEV-based race car make the climb.

Currently, Tajima holds the record at Pikes Peak after breaking the 10 minute barrier in a Suzuki SX4 Hill Climb Special of Monster Racing with a time of 9:51.278.