Next year's MotoGP will have slightly altered motorbikes after the racing body announced the restriction of aerodynamic wings.

All of the members of the Grad Prix Commission (IRTA, FIM and Dorna) agreed on this after the Motorcycle Sports Manufacturers' Association (MSMA) failed to provide a set of rules and regulations for the aerodynamic winglets.

With no set dimension, weight or allowed design, the Commission proceeded to ban them altogether.

The aerodynamic add-ons have already been banned in the junior classes, but the Commission did say that wings that comply within the current regulations will still be allowed until the end of the 2016 season.

The addition of aerodynamic winglets was first initiated by Ducati. For the most part, many riders viewed the winglets as unsafe and not aesthetically pleasing. Other teams like Honda and Yamaha followed suit but were not exactly fans of the design.