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Motul-sponsored Project ZED breaks 7-second barrier


John Bradshaw started with the idea to build the very first Japanese drag car to compete in the FIA Pro Modified Championship. In 2010, he set the record for having the World's Quickest Nissan Skyline running at 7.45-seconds in a quarter-mile (Project GTST).

The idea did not stop there, a Nissan 350Z codenamed "Project ZED", was already in development as Bradshaw went on to build a motor that would be powerful enough to break the 7-second barrier. A 1900 horsepower twin-turbo motor was built based on the Nissan's 3.5-liter VQ block was put together in the Brams Racing workshop in England under the codename. From the start, its driver and owner John Bradshaw predicted he would achieve some great performances in this uniquely powerful dragster.

However, nobody imagined that the Motul dragster would eventually smash the existing record, still less do it at the very first attempt. But that's exactly what happened recently at the Santa Pod Raceway, a track just outside Northampton in England. "It's incredible to finally have the car ready to test now and we are all very excited by its potential. It really is a car that is capable of setting records around the world and just shows what a Nissan engine is capable of producing," said Bradshaw. Not only has Bradshaw set a new European Quarter-Mile record but he is also the first driver of a Japanese vehicle to break the seven second barrier!

Bradshaw's achievement at the 2011 Thunderball in Santa Pod adds another title to his belt; the European Fastest Japanese Car Quarter-Mile Record with 6.77-seconds. He also holds the World's Quickest Skyline Record with 7.45-seconds set in 2010.

The Project Zed Dragster was jointly developed by Brams Racing and Nissan. While the the 1900-horsepower motor is exclusively lubricated by Motul high performance oils, providing extreme protection and lubrication for optimum performance.

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