When watching Formula 1 live on television, we usually just see the drivers and teams running the cars in free practice, qualifying and then the race itself. Though we do get to see snippets of some behind the scenes actions, we never get to fully see what happens after as it is often cut back to the cars driving on track. Soon though we will get to see more of Formula 1 than just the racing as Netflix will be releasing a new documentary called ‘Formula 1: Drive to Survive’.

Formula 1 recently announced that the documentary series on Netflix will have 10 episodes and will dwell into the fight of drivers to become World Champion. It also examines the more intimate details and inner working of the drivers and the teams, giving viewers an in-depth look into their lives and even their families.

The series start at the opening of the 2018 Formula 1 World Championship in Melbourne, Australia and will follow each stage of the season until ending up in Abu Dhabi. While no specific details were announced yet on the series, the trailer does show behind-the-scenes footage done by teams, emotional moments, and even the families of drivers. Curiously, the trailer does show a lot of footage of Daniel Riccardo. It is uncertain how many drivers the documentary will follow.

For those wondering, the documentary series is co-produced by Formula 1 itself. James Gay Reese, the producer of Senna, is listed as executive producer in the upcoming series.

Formula 1: Drive to Survive will begin streaming on Netflix starting March 8. You may check out the trailer above.