If you've been following the Japanese Super GT series this past decade, the sight of Nissan's GT-R GT500 class race car would already be a familiar one. But it seems the automaker will be saying goodbye to the GT-R after this season.

Nissan announced that they will retire the GT500-spec GT-R after the final round of the Super GT 2021 season this coming November 28. It's one of the longest-running vehicles in the series, competing for 14 years straight following its debut in 2008. In comparison, Toyota/Lexus changed vehicles four times over a 14 year period – from the Lexus SC 430 to the RC F, the LC 500, and now the GR Supra.

Nissan to retire GT500-spec GT-R from Super GT after 13 years image

Apart from competing for 14 seasons straight, the GT-R is one of Nissan's most successful GT500 racers. It won 41 times, which is currently the record for the most number of wins for a model in GT500 history. During its debut season alone, the GT-R already won 7 out of the 9 races. The GT-R's other achievements in GT500 include 113 race starts, 36 pole positions, 5 driver championships, and 4 team championships.

Nissan did not say what model will replace the GT-R for the 2022 season of the Super GT GT500 class. The automaker only said an announcement will be made at a later date. However, rumors suggest the new Z will serve as the GT-R's replacement. Before the GT-R's debut in 2008, Nissan raced the Z33-based Fairlady Z in the GT500 class.

The GT-R won't be completely saying goodbye to Super GT yet, though. While it is being replaced in the GT500 class, that won't be the case for the GT300 Class. Nissan says the company and NISMO will continue to “provide vehicles, parts and technical support to the FIA GT3 spec Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3, which takes part in the GT300 class”.