For quite a while, the partnership between Red Bull and Porsche seemed to be a done deal. But now Porsche has made it official – they have called off their plans to collaborate with Red Bull to enter Formula One in 2026.

Previously, a document published by Morocco's Conseil de la Concurrence saw Porsche publicize its interest in buying a 50% stake in the Red Bull Racing Formula One team. Reports even suggested they would announce their partnership by August. However, this somehow caused talks to break down.

Based on an official statement, Porsche wanted a partnership based on equal footing, which includes not only an engine partnership but also being involved in managing the Red Bull team. On the other hand, Red Bull wanted to retain its independence in the interest of acting quickly when it comes to racing operations based on the interviews of Red Bull team principal Christian Horner.

With Red Bull performing very well in Formula One these days, having a major management shake-up definitely won't be on their list of priorities.

Ultimately, both parties were not able to achieve an agreeable compromise and thus, negotiations have come to an end. With Audi reportedly set to partner with Sauber from 2026, Porsche is left with very few options when it comes to partnering with an existing team.