Pamela Anderson a long time motorsports racing fan recently launched her own racing team named Downforce1. David Prewitt, together with his team that already has 10 years of experience in GT racing, was chosen by the former Baywatch beauty to manage the race team and hired Austrian driver Markus Fux both as the team's marketing director and driver.

Downforce Race Car

The team will be joining their first race at the European Le Mans Series with a 4.5 liter, 450 horsepower Aston Martin GT2 with a livery of her singature colors white and blue. Other race that's lined up for the team is the International GT Open Series.

"I’m so proud of the Downforce 1 team. These gentleman have achieved the impossible and built up a team in just 4 months so I cannot wait to see my Cars on the Racetrack it's hard to believe until I see it." said Pamela Anderson