The Philippine Drag Racing Familysport will make its 2003 season opener race on January 25, 2003 at the OMNI Airfield at the Clark Special Economic Zone, Angeles. The PDRF will also be awarding the 2002 season championship winners.

The event will also hold the continuation of the previously postponed December 14 race.

"Due to ongoing construction at the Manila Harbour Centre, we have decided to momentarily give way to the improvements being made which will be finished by the end of February, after which we will resume races at the Manila Harbour Centre," said Mr. Nonoy Jarlego, PDRF President.

"We will have a more exciting 2003 season and hopefully quicker cars and lower ETs. I am also proud to announce that the WCC Port-A-Tree electronic scoreboards will make it its debut for 2003 at out January 25th race. Let us all work together to map out street racing and promote legal drag racing as a safer sport," Jarlego added.