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Peña sets pace in AF3 third leg at Zhuhai


>Dado Peña of Team Goddard set the pace in the qualifying session for the third leg of the Asian Formula 3 Series at the Zhuhai International Circuit with a time of 1m35.515. He was merely .035 seconds quicker than James Winslow on JA Motorsport. Aran Racing's Ali Jackson and Moreno Soeprapto meanwhile share second row qualifying in third and fourth respectively.

In the Promotions Class, Satrio Hermanto of R&W Team Indonesia Joson F3 leads the pack while Cheng Loumeng of Team Goddard and Speedtech Asia's Gaby Dela Merced round up the pack. The three are currently locked in a close battle for the title chase in the Promotions Class Driver's Championship. It will surely be an exciting race weekend.

Championship points leader Tyson Sy, has a lot of catching up to do as he qualified in dead last following engine problems in the session. Incidentally that was also the same engine they changed to after the Friday practice session, they are now scrambling for another change before the race. Teams are preparing for a wet race as rain started to fall right after the qualifying session.

Dado Pea 1m 35.515

James Winslow 1m 35.550

Ali Jackson 1m 35.827

Moreno Soeprapto 1m 35.855

Don Tacos 1m 36.204

Dillon Battistini 1m 36.375

Roland Hermoso 1m 37.244

Bagoes Hermanto 1m 37.265

Satrio Hermanto 1m 37.349

Pepon Marave 1m 37.518

Lou Meng 1m 37.809

Gaby Dela Merced 1m 38.237

Tyson Sy 1m 41.423

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