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Peru withdraws from 2016 Dakar Rally


With El Nino setting in on Peru, the organizers of the Dakar rally, along with the Peruvian authorities, have cancelled the pre-Dakar Inca Desafio rally stage for 2015. The decision has also forced the organizers to re-route the 2016 rally. The Inca Desafio was supposedly set for September 11 to 13.

The El Nino phenomenon is expected to be extremely violent over Peru this year. The Peruvian government has decided to make the potential crisis a national priority by ensuring that all state services are able to mobilize if necessary to help the population that could be affected.

The Dakar organizers are hoping that the people of Peru will not have to face extreme weather. The decision of the organizers and the Peruvian government has forced the entire Dakar organizing team to change the route for the 37th running for the rally in 2016. The organizers say that their teams are already working on an alternative route with optimal sporting and safety conditions both in Argentina and Bolivia.

The Dakar organizing team is currently working with all the competitors who have already entered to provide all relative information concerning the route changes for Dakar 2016.

The final route of the 2016 Dakar will be announced in the second half of September.

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