After the launch of the 308 GTI, Peugeot Sport has unveiled a full racing spec model for the compact hot hatch. Called the 308 Racing Cup, the race car follows WTCC specifications and will serve as a successor for the RCZ Racing Cup in 2017.

Peugeot 308 Racing Cup front 3/4ths

Because it follows WTCC specifications, no modifications have been done to the shell but that's the only thing it has in common with the production 308 GTI. The front bumper gets a front splitter and the fog lights make way for brake ducts. The fenders and the quarter panels have been widened to accommodate racing tires. At the back, the 308 Racing Cup gets a large rear wing while the rear bumper now comes with a diffuser for better aerodynamics. For customer teams, the touring car spec 308 comes with racing slicks standards with wet weather racing tires as a package option. The 308 Racing Cup sits on lightweight 18 inch wheels.

Peugeot 308 Racing Cup top

For its powertrain, the Peugeot 308 Racing Cup shares the same 1.6 liter turbo mill from the 308 GTI but comes with a host of modifications. French engine specialist Vélizy beefed up the internals and the turbocharger, as well as the ECU. It also shares engine tech with the Pikes Peak record breaking 208 T16 rally car albeit detuned for circuit use. The 308 Racing Cup now puts out 308 PS from the 1.6 liter turbo engine, 38 PS more than the GTI 270 and 58 PS more than the base GTI 250. Like the RCZ Racing Cup, it is front wheel drive and features a six-speed sequential gearbox with paddle shifters.

In the handling department, the 308 Racing Cup makes use of the GTI's passive rear suspension. Peugeot's new touring car also gets a full set of racing coilovers and six-pot racing brakes. The race car has also been put on a diet, now weighing just 1000 kilograms, making it 200 kilograms lighter than a standard 308 hatchback.

Peugeot 308 Racing Cup on track

Peugeot's racing hatch is currently in the middle of testing and will be available to customer teams by the end of 2016. The RCZ Racing Cup's successor will be entering Europe's circuits in the 2017 motorsports calendar. Apart from a new one-make series, the 308 Racing Cup will be entering endurance racing with the 24 Hour VLN race in the Nurburgring being a priority.

The Peugeot 308 Racing Cup will make its public debut in the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show and its first track demo run will be in the Paul Ricard circuit on October 24 to 25.