For the first time in Nissan GT Academy history, the Philippines will be represented by six of the country's fastest simulation racers in GT Academy's Race Camp, to be help in the Silverstone Circuit in the England. After four months of setting lap times in virtual reality, the twenty semi-finalists gunned for the top six seats to represent the country next month.

For the semi-finalists, they had to undergo two days of training to prove to a panel of judges who's worthy of carrying the flag in Silverstone. The two-day testing program that included slalom driving using the Nissan Sylphy as well as physical and mental tests.

After the tests, the six drivers chosen for the Philippine team are Terence Lallave, Rafael Lesaguis, Luis Cachero, Jose Gerald Policarpio, Daryl Brady, and Joel Agojo. Lotus Junior F1 driver Marlon Stockinger, Nissan GT Academy mentor and guest judge, told the finalists, "Whatever happens, keep chasing that dream. I always believe in you."

Under Marlon Stockinger, the team will be leaving for Silverstone next month for the week-long Race Camp, where they will be trained to make the final transition from virtual to actual race car drivers. They will battle it out with other finalists from the GT Academy Asia countries, namely Thailand, India, Japan and Indonesia.

The six representatives will now be one step closer to win a $1-million racing contract from Nissan GT Academy.