Formula One tire supplier Pirelli has revealed the new tires that will be used for next year's season. Part of the regulation changes for 2017, the tires are 25% wider than the current specification and aims to lessen lap times by around four seconds.

Compared to the current front and rear slicks which measure at 245mm and 325mm respectively, the new set will come in at 305mm and 405mm accordingly. With it, the new size for slick tires will be 305/670 at the front, and 405/670 at the rear. Wheel sizes will remain at 13-inches, however.

Pirelli did not go into specifics, but the company did say the new tires will have significant changes on the race car's balance and aesthetics.

Testing of the new 2017 tires will commence in early August where teams will fit them on modified racecars. Pirelli added that several participating teams have already agreed in testing the new slicks.