Pirelli, the official tire supplier of Formula One, revealed a computer-generated image of its 18-inch concept tire that may well become the future rubber to be used in F1 racing.

The tire maker says Lotus test driver, Charles Pic, will be testing the 18-inch prototype tire at Silverstone.

However, Pirelli's Paul Hembery said that the test is only meant to show F1 fans how a modern tire would look like on a Formula One car.

"It's not in the regulations. It's not going to happen for two or three years, so it's part of enabling people to understand what it would do for the look of the car," Hembery said.

Pat Symonds, Williams F1 Chief Technical Officer, said that F1 racing maintains "rather old-fashioned 13-inch tires" when compared to the Le Mans and Formula E. He also said 18-inch tires could enable F1 to push ahead with a ban on the expensive tire warmers.