Porsche Motorsports North America, Inc. (PMNA) has announced that the historic ANDIAL name will stay in the Porsche family as the last active owner, Dieter Inzenhofer, plans to retire later this month.

"We have always considered ANDIAL a member of the Porsche family, and now we are pleased to have the name become an official part of Porsche Motorsport. Arnold, Dieter and Alwin played a key role in growing the prominence of Porsche racing in North America, and their reputation was well-known among both racers and Porsche street car owners well beyond North America," said Jens Walther, president of Porsche Motorsports North America, Inc.

The ANDIAL brand is an anagram made from the names of its founding members, the late Arnold Wagner(AN); Dieter Inzenhofer(DI); and former PMNA president and current consultant Alwin Springer(AL). The 38-year old company is considered as one of America's most successful independent Porsche tuning house and has managed to bring a lot of prestigious titles and awards under their belt.

PMNA still hasn't decided yet on how they're going to use the ANDIAL, although the company is now mainly focusing on their specialties like engine projects, maintaining prior special engines and restoring race or other significant cars.

"My whole career and professional reputation has been built on ANDIAL's success with Porsche performance and tuning, and I couldn't ask for a better outcome of my decision to retire than have Porsche Motorsport buy our name," said Inzenhofer.