Earlier this year, Formula 1 management announced that they are currently working to bring Formula 1 Grand Prix to Miami in 2019. Last we heard, it seemed like things were going well as Miami officials have already approved of Formula 1's initial proposal. Now it appears that the street race will be delayed due to complications and will be pushed back to 2020.

The annoucement of the Miami Grand Prix's postponement was made by Formula 1 commercial boss Sean Bratches. He said that it would no longer be possible to deliver 'the best possible wheel-to-wheel racing experience for our fans, drivers and teams' due to time constraints despite having made 'significant progress' for the race.

“Whilst our preference would have been to race in Miami in 2019, there was always a point by which delivering the best possible wheel-to-wheel racing experience for our fans, drivers and teams wouldn’t be possible in the time available. We have now reached that point as far as racing in Miami in 2019 is concerned,” said Bratches.

Formula 1 has not yet given up on Miami though. Instead, they are hoping to hold the first Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix for the 2020 season. That would allow them to bring the best race possible to fans rather than just signing off a sub-optimal race track to seal the deal.

“We are committed to expansion in the US and to Miami in particular and we will be bringing our fantastic sport to this iconic city in October with the Formula 1 fan festival, where we look forward to engaging and exciting fans,” added Bratches.

Formula is currently adding more races to the season, specifically in key cities all over the world to improve reach and its fan base.