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Race-ready 2018 BMW M4 GT4 unleashed


Almost a year after BMW Motorsports announces their intention of building a GT4-spec race car, the Bavarian manufacturer has now pulled the covers off the 2018 M4 GT4. This comes after the car completed over 20,000 km of testing, which includes wind tunnel tests, extensive fine tuning, and “successful outings under race conditions.”

The M4 GT4 will be slotting in between the M235i Racing and the M6 GT3. Incorporated into the M4 GT4 are production technology and innovative developments used on the M6 GT3, and even uses the same seats, brakes, and pedal box. BMW also mentions that the interior is “designed entirely for the comfort of the driver, so that he or she can focus fully on driving.”

Engine, transmission and control electronics however were adopted from a standard M4 Coupe, which is as it should be. The carbon fiber hood meanwhile comes from the already sold out M4 GTS. In addition to the equipment found from other vehicles, the M4 GT4 has its own model specific parts, such as carbon fiber doors, front and rear splitters, a GT wing, and a racing exhaust system.

After countless laps by various race drivers on multiple racetracks, the M4 GT4 will then be put through its paces once again at the upcoming Nurburgring 24 Hours for more testing and data gathering. Deliveries of the M4 GT4 to customer racing teams will begin in 2018. As for the price, the M4 GT4 starts at 169,000 Euros.  

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