Who said the Vios Cup is gone?

Not only is it here to stay, but it has evolved into a new series altogether. Dubbed the Vios Racing Festival, there are now two kinds of races to be held soon: Circuit and autocross. It won't be a long wait either as the latter kicks off by April.

As the Vios Cup evolves into the Vios Racing Festival, most competitors will also be using new equipment. Yes, they will be running the new Vios on the track and around tight and twisty slaloms. With that, TMP President Satoru Suzuki said that the Vios Racing Festival will "continue the trailblazing legacy of the Vios Cup". The two championships within the Vios Racing Festival are the Vios Circuit Championship, and the Vios Autocross Challenge.

Ready, set, go: Vios Racing Festival coming this April image

For the Vios Circuit Championship, the first set of races will be held in June. The next batch will then be held in September with the finals in November. As for the formula, it is largely similar to Vios Cup Season 5. That means three races per round. Also, all races will be held at the Clark International Speedway in Pampanga. Driver classifications are down to three, namely Celebrity, Promotional, and Sporting with Super Sporting dropped this year.

As for the Vios Autocross Challenge, it will see amateur drivers mixing it up with celebrities, members of the motoring media, and car club racers. They will be taking on a challenging obstacle course designed to give participants a chance to explore the new Vios' handling limits and capabilities. The slalom races will be held around Metro Manila and Toyota says that this makes the series more accessible to both participants and spectators. As a bonus, mini autocross challenges will also be held at the end of each leg of the Vios Circuit Championship.