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Red Bull celebrates sealing the Driver's and Constructor's championship with 'donuts'


Red Bull Racing serves up 'donuts' courtesy of David Coulthard atop the Burj Al Arab helipad in majestic Dubai. 

Red Bull has always been known to push the limits of human and mechanical capacity. They take an already extreme sport, give it the ol' Red Bull treatment and say "could be fun".   What we witness is an eye-popping, back-breaking, out-of-this-world event even adrenaline junkies would, WTH?!

Just one week after paying a fine for Sebastien Vettel's donuts of joy after winning the Indian grand prix and sealing the Driver's and Constructor's Championship, Red Bull Racing did the unexpected again. 

They flew an RB7 to the top of the world's 4th tallest hotel (1,053 feet), the Burj Al Arab, and with a very enthusiastic David Coulthard spun it around a few times on the 24-meter wide helipad.

I would have loved to eavesdrop on the conversation to get this stunt approved. "You want to do what?"

The Burj Al Arab's helipad isn't a stranger to famous sportsmen and their outrageous ideas. Tiger Woods turned it into a one-time driving range while tennis greats Andre Agassi and Roger Federer shared a few forehand and backhand strokes.

Wrapped on all sides with picturesque views of the Arabian Gulf and the Dubai cityscape, it is the perfect venue for a statement that the whole world ought to see. 

This is where you go to say, we're number 1! 

Yes Mr. Horner, we heard you. The whole world did.

Congratulations Red Bull!  And well done Seb!

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