There's a saying, that words are like bullets. When you release them, you can't take them back.

Just a few months ago, an incident involving unprofessional behavior on social media affected a person's future in the local racing scene. And now, a Formula 2 driver's racing career is in jeopardy for throwing out offensive language in public.

Juri Vips has been suspended from Red Bull Racing after saying racist and sexist remarks during a live stream. Vips, a reserve driver for the Red Bull F1 team was playing Call of Duty and was live on Twitch when he threw out the N-word, and called pink a "gay" color. His fellow Red Bull junior driver Liam Lawson was quick to call out the offensive slurs, but by then, the damage has been done.

Red Bull suspends F2 driver for saying N-word online image

Red Bull Racing was quick to react to the incident and immediately released a statement condemning the action of their junior driver. The team has launched an internal investigation regarding the incident. And for the time being, Vips is being relieved of all his benefits as a Red Bull-sponsored driver.

On the other hand, Juri Vips has also expressed his “unreserved apologies” for the offensive language he used during the live gaming stream via a social media post.

Red Bull suspends F2 driver for saying N-word online image

For aspiring racing drivers and the general public, this is one thing you should know. Professional racing drivers aren't paid to simply drive race cars, as they are nowadays seen by the public as ambassadors, or in other words, role models of the brand they represent.

Professional racing drivers should exhibit good character on the track, and most importantly, when they're off-duty from the races, especially since the public eye is always on them. With Juri Vips' actions, we won't be surprised if he gets completely dropped from the Red Bull junior academy.