When piqued with a question regarding new races for next year’s Formula One calendar, F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone confirms that Las Vegas has secured a contract for next year, leaving the question of whether or not races will be added or removed from the schedule. 

According to Ecclestone, the officials are no longer looking to add any more races next year; Which means one of the races will have to go to make way for Las Vegas. What’s rather shocking about this however is that Ecclestone hints at removing a race that has since been an institution to F1 fans over the years: the Italian Grand Prix held in Monza Circuit.

In an interview with The Daily Mail, Ecclestone discusses the repercussions of Vegas’ new contract, as well as that of the fate of Monza. “Monza has got a contract for this year so it is going to go ahead. Next year is the question mark. I don’t think we have to have an Italian Grand Prix. Somebody once told me a funny thing that you couldn’t have Formula 1 without a race in France. But we do.” Says Ecclestone.

Having struggled with financial issues as of late, Monza appears to be on the rocks with regards to securing a slot in next year’s schedule.

While it is all and good that more new races will be added to the F1 calendar next year, it seems the move to remove the home of Ferrari from the schedule may turn out to be a drastic change for F1 fans the world over. Being home to a fervently Ferrari-centric crowd, Monza is most often the race with the most passionate of audiences.