In much of recent history, Aston Martin had nothing to do with the pinnacle of motorsport. Beyond their efforts in GT3 and in various touring car championships, Aston Martin wouldn't exactly be the first manufacturer in mind when it comes to Formula One.

It seems that's about to change though, as Aston Martin partners up with Red Bull Racing to make a return to the highest tier of racing. We say 'return' because the fact is the british manufacturer had a brief stint in Formula One a little over half a century ago – way back in 1959 and in 1960.

While the partnership is set to yield a potential road car collaboration, part of the deal entails having Aston Martin's name appear on the Red Bull car's sidepods, as well as their iconic logo emblazoned on the nose from the start of the 2016 season in Australia.

In 2015, there were already reports of Aston Martin going into talks with several teams such as Williams and Force India about entering the sport. As talks progressed, it seemed Force India was set to close the deal. Part of the deal would have supposedly rebranded the Silverstone-based team into 'Aston Martin Racing', however earlier this year talks were put on hold.

Talks about Aston's F1 return continued however, with their goal to be able to take the fight to competitors such as McLaren and Ferrari on-and-off the track. Eventually a deal with Red Bull was finalized.

Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer and Marketing and Communications Director Simon Sproule are no strangers to Red Bull, as they were involved in helping the team secure Infiniti's sponsorship back in 2011.

source: Autosport