It may not seem like it, but Formula 1 teams have different suppliers for their wheels. For example, McLaren uses wheels made by Japanese brand Enkei, while the wheels on Scuderia Ferrari cars are from OZ Racing. But starting this 2022 season, it seems all teams will now come from one supplier – BBS Japan.

According to a report by Nikkei Asia, BBS Japan has signed a four-year contract with the governing body of Formula 1 to become the new standard wheel supplier. It won’t be the first time for BBS to supply wheels to the sport. The company has long been a wheel supplier for F1 teams in the past, and it likely plays a big reason for being selected. The report further adds that the announcement will be officially made at the Tokyo Auto Salon this weekend.

Report: BBS Japan to be exclusive Formula 1 wheel supplier image

There is a distinction between BBS Japan and BBS Germany. The one in Germany filed for bankruptcy last year.

Formula 1’s move to introduce a standard wheel supplier this season is part of a rule change to lower costs and help make teams with lower budgets more competitive. Furthermore, all F1 cars this 2022 season will run on the new, larger 18-inch wheels. Aside from the wheels, the tires have already been supplied by one manufacturer – Pirelli. Before the shift, teams had the option of using different tires sourced from various companies – from Michelin to Bridgestone and even Goodyear.

With the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon happening later this week, it seems we won’t have to wait long before BBS Japan makes an official announcement. Since the new Formula 1 wheels are now 18-inches, we’re curious whether the company will release a new lineup of F1-inspired BBS forged wheels for sports cars and luxury vehicles.