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Report: Doctor says Schumacher is making some progress


It has been about a month since Michael Schumacher was discharged from the Lausanne Hospital to continue rehabilition from his home in the Swiss town of Gland.

Since the said event, the Schumacher family has been quiet in regards to the condition of the retired Formula 1 champion. However, one of the doctors that has been treating Schumacher said he is making “some progress” and could recover within three years.

Dr. Jean-Francois Payen, the head of anesthesiology at Grenoble University Hospital, was part of the medical team that treated Schumacher after the skiing accident last December 2013. According to The Telegraph, Dr. Payen remains in close contact with the family and has visited Schumacher at his home.

"I kept seeing him, first at the University Hospital of Lausanne, and now at home. I have seen some progress but I would say give him time. It's like other patients, we are in a timescale that ranges from one year to three years, so it takes patience," Dr. Payen said.

“He's in very favorable conditions. This plays a big role. The family environment is anyway best for the patient. His wife is surrounded by excellent advice and has implemented all it takes for it to move forward. Life after a brain injury is littered with stages. It must progress, we hope, but we must give him time,” Dr. Payen concluded.

Sorce: The Telegraph


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