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Report: Ex-Ferrari boss confirms Alonso's departure


Luca Di Montezemolo has confirmed that Fernando Alonso is leaving Ferrari at the end of the 2014 season.

Speaking to Italian television, Di Montezemolo gave two reasons why Alonso decided to leave Ferrari.

“Fernando is leaving for two reasons. One, he wants another environment. Two, because he is an age when he cannot wait to win again,” Di Montezemolo said.

According to a report by BBC, Alonso asked Di Montezemolo to be released from his contract because the Spaniard believes that Ferrari can't produce a winning car in the near future. Alonso has been with Ferrari since 2010 and in the last four years he finished behind Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel.

"He was disappointed that he has not won over these last years and wanted new stimulus," Di Montezemolo added.

Alonso might join the McLaren F1 team who proposed him a huge offer. On the other hand, he can decide not to race in F1 next year and take his chance of finding a seat at Mercedes in 2016.

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