Formula 1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone recently revealed plans to revive the use of naturally-aspirated engines by 2016 so as to return the 'loudness' of the motor sport. He will bring up the matter on December 18, 2014 during a meeting with the Strategy Group.

To counter the argument that using the normally aspirated engine would be a backwards step against the use of the new turbocharged, energy-recovering V6 engines, the engines will be branded as 'hybrids' while the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) will also be integrated onto the engines. When asked by reporters whether he's in favor of using the V8 or V10 engines and referring to what teams and manufacturers, Ecclestone simply stated that it is up to the racing teams and manufacturers on what would they want.

Ecclestone also downplayed the prospect of Honda and Mercedes-Benz on leaving F1 if naturally aspirated engines make a comeback, stating that it will actually be the dream of such manufacturers in building an engine that can produce about 1000 PS without the help of turbochargers or superchargers.


Source: Motorsport