With Malaysia exiting the Formula One calendar at the end of this season, there are now fewer Asian countries that will host an F1 Grand Prix. As for street circuit races, Singapore is currently the only Asian country hosting one, having joined the calendar back in 2008. However that may soon change, as a report by Motorsports.com says that Formula executives are currently looking to add more Asian street races into the F1 calendar.

According to an interview with Formula One's managing director, Sean Bratches, he says that Formula One is currently keen on adding more street circuits to iconic cities in the continent. The purpose of adding more street races would be to further increase the fan base within the region. He did not mention however, which specific cities Formula One is currently looking at.

“We will go to iconic cities where there are large fan bases, particularly new fanbases that we can activate. We are very focused on bringing additional GPs to the continent here. We're in talks with a couple of cities to that end,” said Bratches.

Furthermore, Bratches added that China will be securing another contract in order to continue hosting a grand prix with the deal being executed by the end of September. Shanghai International Circuit held its first race in 2004, with its contract expiring by the end of 2017.

As for the additional Asian countries being considered to be added on the F1 calendar, we can only hope that the Philippines is part of that list. An F1 street circuit held around the iconic streets of Manila definitely sounds like a good idea.

Source: Motorsports.com