Lotus F1 may have to find a new replacement driver as Romain Grosjean will apparently switch to Haas F1 Team immediately after the Japanese Grand Prix this weekend.

We previously reported that newcomer Haas F1 Team has been scouting for potential drivers and is reportedly in talks with Grosjean about a deal. Now it appears that Grosjean has already put up a framework deal with Haas for next year's season.

The deal however is also a part of a bigger arrangement with Ferrari (since they will supply engines for Haas) which will benefit Grosjean as it will put him into a good position as a potential candidate for Ferrari in the future.

Grosjean has not yet signed the Haas/Ferrari contract but has told his Lotus superiors that if the Renault takeover won't happen by the end of September, he will move on for the 2016 season. Grosjean didn't give out specifics about his future plans but he did say that he has already made up his mind.

“My mind is set. You will know by the end of the month, so not long to wait. After Japan you should know, hopefully,” said Grosjean.

The 29-year old French racing driver first came onto the F1 scene back in 2009 with Renault when he replaced Nelson Piquet Jr. amidst the Renault 'Crashgate' controversy. He then moved to Lotus in 2012 alongside then teammate Kimi Raikkonen.

Source: Motorsport.com