Three-time Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton may have ultimately won the 2015 season but his rather 'aggressive' move against teammate Rosberg did not sit well with Mercedes Motorsport CEO Toto Wolff.

For Wolff, Rosberg had every right to be dismayed after Hamilton forced his German teammate wide into the first turn at the Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas. They would need to discuss matters about the incident, but they would have to wait for the heat to die down.

“I think he has reason to be upset for that particular incident. It was too hard and we need to pick it up and discuss it,” said Wolff.

He also said that they need to talk it over before the issue gets too big and escalates out of control.

Even with the apparent rift between Hamilton and Rosberg, the Briton's title win is still the main focus and is an achievement for the whole team.

“I don't want to take anything away from Lewis, as he deserves the title. Reducing our discussion now to that one incident is not right. But obviously we need to talk about it a certain stage,” added Wolff.