Mercedes-Benz recently warned that they will quit F1 Racing if the racing body will allow the use of naturally-aspirated V8 engines again in the future.

The issue of reusing V8 engines again came amidst the debate that high costs of competing in F1 are driving smaller companies out of the race and the argument about an engine development 'unfreeze'. F1 Chief Executive Bernie Ecclestone for one also opposes the use of the new turbocharged V6 engines. Ecclestone said that F1 needs to change the regulations and will try to get rid of the newer engine. He also emphasized that the engines don't do anything for anybody and claimed that the engines are not 'Formula One'.

Others that oppose the new V6 engines are fellow fans, race promoters and other racing teams. The fans and promoters miss the naturally-aspirated scream of the V8 engines that have become synonymous to the motorsport. Austin promoter Bobby Epstein thinks that there aren't any problems with the numbers of cars and reiterated that if the competition is good up front, the total number won't matter. Epstein admitted though that he misses the sound of the old V8s.

"No one likes to take a step backwards, but sometimes you have to realize when something has gone wrong,” said Christian Horner, Red Bull Team Boss

Lotus on the other hand found that the new engines are costly to build and to maintain.

"None of us wanted the new engines. TThey were forced upon us,” said Gerard Lopez, Lotus owner.

Mercedes-Benz's Hamilton and Rosberg has been reigning in this year's season and the German automaker was naturally reluctant to the move of using older technology since they have already mastered turbo aspiration. Rival engine suppliers Ferrari and Renault have become desperate for the rules to be changed so that they can at least catch up. Mercedes-Benz offered a slight compromise but not all of the conditions were met by Ferrari and Renault.

If Mercedes-Benz still refuses, Ferrari, Renault and Honda will push for a total opening up of a new engine development for 2016 with the power of the majority vote. The move will skyrocket the costs, further driving out teams off F1.

Mercedes-Benz's team chairman Niki Lauda reiterated that the return of the V8s will have drastic consequences and will spell the disappearance of Mercedes-Benz in the F1 scene.

Source: Autoweek