Mercedes-Benz's Non-Executive Chairman of the Formula One team may soon be at the helm of the motorsport he once competed in.

According to Austrian newspaper 'Osterreich', Lauda is seen as a leading candidate in replacing the 84-year old Bernie Ecclestone as company CEO. Ecclestone himself have stated in previous reports that he is planning to sell the motorsport to other investors just before Christmas.

A Chinese company also appears to have an interest in Formula One after Sky News claimed that Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, is being backed with an $8.5 billion buyout by China Media Capital.

Exact details about the rumored change of leadership is still vague but the industry itself is apparently split about the issue. Investors still want Ecclestone to lead the motorsport but there are others that think he should step down as CEO.

This comes down to Eccelestone's firm grip on the motorsport and his no nonsense approach when it comes to Formula One matters. The 84-year old Brit is also very opinionated and is not afraid to remark his views.

Lauda on the other hand is seen as someone who can deliver new life into Formula One and may help further expand the motorsport.

The 66-year old retired racing driver, entrepreneur and current Mercedes F1 Works Team non-executive chairman first entered the scene at the 1971 Austrian Grand Prix with STP March Racing Team. It was only in 1975 where he won his first championship with Scuderia Ferrari. He won the title again in 1977 and in 1984 before eventually retiring from the motorsport all together.

Source: AutoWeek