Looks like Germany will not be part of next year's Formula 1 racing. In a report by Autobild, Hockenheimring boss Georg Seiler stated that there will be no German GP for the 2017 season.

Apparently, Seiler and F1 supremo Bernie Eccelstone failed to reach an agreement for next year's race. According to Seiler, there was no offer that would have ruled out economic risks.

“There was no offer that would have excluded all economic risks. But just that was always our prerequisite.This is regrettable, but not surprising, especially since an appointment was only mentioned under reservation and there was no Formula 1 contract for the Hockenheimring,” said Seiler.

With no plans to fix the deal, next year's Formula 1 season may only see 20 races at the most. The Hungarian GP, which was originally slated for July 23, could be moved to July 30 instead to fill the gap left by Hockenheim.

In a recent report, Eccelestone said that they always had difficulty in securing Hockenheim as they cannot subsidize the race in Germany. Also, Ecclestone added that what Hockenheim was offering wasn't enough to cover most of the expenses.