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Report: Red Bull in talks to co-develop engine under Ferrari


Since switching to the V6 hybrid turbo engines, Red Bull Racing hasn’t been as competitive as they were with the V8s under the hood and as in any competition played at the highest level, losing breaks apart foundations of a relationship.

That was exactly was happened between Red Bull and engine supplier Renault to the point where, as per technical director Adrian Newey the relationship is “pretty terminal.”

Now Red Bull Racing is left without an engine supplier coming into the next season.

Initial talks with Ferrari were murky at best with Maranello unwilling to simply sell the same engine package Vettel has.

Negotiations seem to be bound for a stalemate when this weekend Ferrari Chairman Sergio Marchionne alluded to the idea of creating a Red Bull Racing ‘engine building’ team under the Ferrari umbrella, provide them with the company’s engine foundation and lend their vast expertise in racing and engine production.

The proposal from Marchionne is currently awaiting approval from Red Bull Principal Dietrich Mateschitz and racing adviser Helmut Marko.



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