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Report: Robert Kubica to return to Formula 1?


Back in 2011, Polish driver Robert Kubica had to leave Formula 1 due to a rally accident which resulted in serious injuries to his right arm. Recently, it seems as though Kubica is trying to making a comback to the sport. The Pole is has recently concluded his first test in F1 after being absent for 6 years with Renault last month at the Valencia circuit.

According to Renault, Kubica drove a 2012-spec Lotus E20 F1 car. The team also commented that he performed well, despite his absence, and assumes that an F1 comeback was possible. When asked by Auto Express as to what his chances are of he return, Kubica said “Because I'm very realistic, and I'm keeping my feet on the ground, I'd put it at 80 or 90 percent."

"Because the clock is running - not just the classification, but also [I am] getting older. F1 is going so fast that some people forget - not everyone, but some,” Kubica added.

Prior to the test, Kubica said that he had a lot of question marks regarding how he would perform once he was back in an F1 seat. After the outstanding outcome of the test, the 32-year old said that his optimism has once again been boosted, hence him mentioning the high percentile chance of return.

"Once my comfort, or let's say limitation things, were gone in three laps, I could concentrate on trying to get back to the proper rhythm. I'm surprised how it felt; it felt for me like I hadn't driven for one month, not six years," he added.

Kubica mentions that the test was a final deciding factor as to whether or not he can still participate in F1. Since he did well, he could still continue and carry on. If he didn't, he would have “closed the door on F1 forever.” We can only wish Kubica luck as his hopes of returning to F1 carries on in the second test with Renault later this month.

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