Big Chill Racing Team's Noel Rivera emerged the big winner in the recently concluded 9th leg of the RMSC National Slalom Grand Prix held at the Robinsons Nova Market last October 10, 2010. Rivera's 55.18-second time proved to be fastest for the Overall and Production classes. Coming in a close second was teammate Dr. Peewee Mendiola whose time was almost four-tenths of a second shy. DKC Racing's Nino Sarte grabbed the final podium step with his 56.88-second time. Sarte's performance garnered him Front Wheel Best Time as well.

Dax Santiano of DKC Racing took 4th place with his 57.46-second time, while Jojo Camacho of Big Chill Racing clocked a 58.18-second time for 5th place. Stephen Pelayo of Team Ultimate took home Novice Class Best Time with his 59.18-second run.

This event was supported by Federal Tires, Shell Helix, Outlast Battery, Silverwind Wheels, Fuji Film, Starbright Bodykits, Wave 89.1, Tripnotic Lab Creative Media Experiments, Forsc Ink, Stoplight TV, C Magazine, Wheel to Wheel Magazine, Chequered Flag Magazine, Auto Transporter and Robinsons Nova Market.