After having been the fastest in all the sessions since the first race, Huff was so eager to settle the matter as soon as possible that he took an unnecessary risk and crashed from the lead. This unfortunate event offered his team-mates and rivals Yvan Muller and Alain Menu the opportunity to finish first and second, significantly cutting their point gaps for the driver standing, which meant that the second race would have been the decider.

But luck seems to be on Huff's side, when he benefitted from the mistakes of the drivers in front of him to finish second behind Menu and grabbing a well deserved world crown.


Chevrolet and all its three drivers deserve to be praised for such a triumphal season. The Cruze cars built and run by the RML have always set the pace, on all the tracks and in all conditions. The team crew have always done the maximum to give their drivers performing and perfectly equal cars. The drivers have done their job in a professional way, which was also shown by Menu and Muller who did not give up until the very end.

Last but not least, Tiago Monteiro gave Honda and JAS Motorsport their first podium result, only one month after they joined the championship.