Run What You Brung will be returning for a reunion event this April 11, 2015 at the Clark International Speedway.

Founded by Kookie Ramirez, the event allows participants to bring their cars, be it full blown race cars or daily drivers, to the track and compete in a time bracket race. RWYB is designed for amateur drivers who want to get a feel for racing without the pressure of going wheel to wheel with other participants.

Since 1998, RWYB has given a chance for car enthusiasts to get a feel around the racetrack. The event came into being as a way of developing local grassroots racing. Since then, RWYB has become a stepping stone for several drivers, some of which have become professional. RWYB has also given the chance to those who want experience driving fast in a safe, controlled environment.

With the closing of the Subic International Raceway, RWYB has now moved to the Clark International Speedway. The event still follows the time bracket format which classifies the competitors according to laptimes. This is to prevent the fastest car from running off with all the awards. With the bracket format, the playing field becomes more level and gives emphasis on setting a target time in the driver's respective brackets.

Run What You Brung

Aside from track driving, RWYB participants can expect "a full exciting day at the track filled with people who love cars just as much as they do," said Stefan Ramirez. There will also be a marketplace for those who are looking for upgrades for their cars and buy racing gear as well.

Registration begins at 7:00 AM with a fee of Php 2,000 per entry and to run the track, helmets are required.