The cover of Titanic, a German magazine, created a stir after printing a photo of the Austrian Formula One legend Niki Lauda with a headline that says, 'Exclusive - First Photo After The Accident - This is how badly it affected Schumi'.

The magazine stated that Michael Schumacher, who is still in a coma due to a skiing accident, now looks like 3-time F1 champion Lauda.

Niki Lauda was seriously injured in a shunt during the 1976 German Grand Prix at Nurburgring. Lauda's was unable to get out of his Ferrari after it burst into flames, causing intense burns all over his body.

In response to the Titanic cover, Lauda said, “It is an absolute barefaced cheek and is completely impious. Who would print such a load of rubbish?".

Titanic goes on to say that the article, which had Lauda’s photo, intends to be the magazine’s way on how they can explain Schumacher’s accident, but in a different manner that can be considered as a mockery to the severely injured Formula One driver. Titanic used 'Fun and Games' such as a puzzle of seriously injured Schumacher in a helmet and a maze where taking the wrong route down the mountain puts the reader in hospital.

With this, Lauda said he is considering legal measures.