Michael Schumacher's family has recently launched a new non-profit initiative dubbed Keep Fighting, in light of the positive energy they received from the Formula 1 (F1) legend's fans.

Back in 2013, the racing driver and seven-time Formula One World Champion suffered from a severe head injury while he was in France. Since then, he's been rehabilitating in his home in Switzerland.

With all the encouragement they got, the family now aims to give the same hope to the people in need of it. Schumacher's office said that the Keep Fighting initiative celebrates the attitudes of 'Keep Fighting' and 'Never Give Up' which are directly inspired by Michael Schumacher.

“We wanted to send a sign of encouragement at a time where people are open to it. The Keep Fighting Initiative is about courage, hope and belief in your own confidence. It is about giving back positive energy that the Schumacher family has received by so many wonderful people in the whole world,” added Sabine Kehm, Schumacher's manager.

The Keep Fighting Initiative plans to spread the belief that even in times of hardship, giving up is never an option. The company said that they wanted to take advantage of the attention they're getting now for a good cause.

As for his health issue, no further details will be provided by both his office and family. Kehm said that this is what Michael himself would like. Given that even during the most successful times of his career, he prefer to keep a fine line between his public and private persona.