After almost a decade without a title, could this car herald the return of the F1 Championship to the halls of Maranello?

Dubbed the SF16-H, the new car unveiled by Ferrari comes with various revisions from last season’s car. A quick glance at the car shows a new livery scheme, with white paint highlighting parts of the car along its engine cover, cockpit and used as contrast to the front wings. Apart from the paint however, plenty of points in and around the car have undergone significant changes as well.

“We tried to revisit and review everything – our goals were very ambitious,” says Chief Designer Simone Resta.

2016 Ferrari F1 car 

The front end sees a short nose layout as is used by some competitors last season. By allowing an increase in the nose’s height, airflow changes allowing for a “positive impact on aerodynamics.” The SF16-H’s side pods also receive a slew of changes, with a new radiator layout in place to keep cooling in much better check.

A more prominent change comes from Ferrari’s switch from pull-rod suspension over to a push-rod configuration. Supposedly better for weight and kinematics, the new layout lines up with the goal of making the car more compact for this year.

Powertrain also sees some improvement, with power unit director Matteo Binotto saying they have focused on two areas:

"First the architecture. We have tried to compact it in order to have a positive impact on aerodynamics. The car is tighter and narrower compared to last year. We tried to move all the accessories.”

"But we did not work only on architecture, we tried to improve combustion for example, inlet aspiration and also the turbo.”

2016 Ferrari F1 car

The SF16-H is set to make its debut at the pre-season test at Spain’s Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya this Monday.

For the 2016 F1 season, Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen will be Ferrari's drivers.