The FIA have finished setting the start times for all 21 races over the course of the 2016 Formula One season.

Aside from several date changes compared to last year’s season, majority of the start times have not changed save for a couple races.

The Russian GP set in Sochi, being moved to May this year compared to October last year, will now begin an hour later than it did in 2015. This allows the Russian GP to align with a 12:00 GMT time slot that the succeeding rounds in Spain and Monaco will follow. The return of the German GP will also follow this 12:00 GMT schedule.

The new European GP race in Baku appears to be the most conflicting among all races schedule-wise. With its qualifying round set around the same time as the start of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, viewers may find themselves splitting channels between both races. That said, the grand prix itself on the next day is set to begin right as the 24-hour race ends.

The Baku race kicks off at 6PM, a good three hours before the sun sets in the capital of Azerbaijan.