F1 just announced that they added another track to the calendar. That circuit will be in the United States, and its first race will be in 2022. This venue promises to be an exciting one. It is in the Sunshine State of Florida, specifically the Miami Gardens area.

The agreement to host the Grand Prix in Miami is reportedly a 10-year deal. Work on it started as early as 2017 between F1 organizers and Apex Circuit Design, who initially wanted the track to be in the Downtown portion of Miami. However, they decided to move the venue somewhere north of the city instead.

In the four years of planning, organizers have been scouting the venue and trialing different track layouts. They also utilized Google Maps and generated an initial 75 configurations. They eventually cut it down to 36 before settling on the final iteration.

The final layout features nineteen corners, three possible DRS zones, and an average speed of around 223km/h. Its design has “exciting racing” in mind, with long flowing corners and a long straight where the cars can get up to 320km/h.

Organizers and pundits say the Miami GP track will have the same vibe as the Australian GP track in Melbourne. Miami will be a semi-street circuit with some sections open to the public when the F1 circus isn’t in town.

At the heart of the Miami GP track is the Hard Rock Stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins. The Hard Rock Stadium will also be a centerpiece to the Miami GP experience, as its many facilities and attractions will be used by spectators and teams alike. Organizers also say that at some point, the Paddock area will be adjacent to the stadium.

As for the schedule of the Grand Prix itself, there is no final date yet. Expect both U.S venues (Texas and Miami) to be spaced out instead of back to back.

The announcement is a significant one for fans and F1 alike. In the past years, F1 expressed its interest publicly in expanding and tapping the U.S market. There was even a plan to host a race in New York or New Jersey that, unfortunately, did not pan out.

Miami shouldn’t be thought of as just a consolation event though, It’s considered one of the U.S premier tourist spots for locals and foreigners. The city is also rich in sporting heritage from Football, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, and even Stock Car Racing.

With 2022 being around the corner, we won't have to wait long to find out if the Miami Grand Prix lives up to the hype and expectations, but at face value, it seems it’ll be an exciting one.