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Team BMW AutoPerformance partners with Aguila Auto Glass


Team BMW AutoPerformance Motorsport set out to campaign the 1995 model BMW M3 in the 8-Hour Philippine Endurance Challenge. Aguila Auto Glass supported the team by providing them laminated windshield with optical quality.

With this, the company claims that drivers can drive for extended periods with precision. Apart from this, safety is also an important factor. For instance, when you are going flat out in the main straight, a tiny piece of debris may strike your windshield at over 180 km/h.

The glass then has to withstand this pressure and prevent the driver from getting injured. BMW AutoPerformance teams up with the Aguila Auto Glass for this purpose. In addition, they also believed in the company's expertise when it comes to installing the glass.

Piloting the European car, the team consisting of Francis Aguila, George Apacible, Diego Granizo, Enrique Hormillo and Stefan Ramirez not only finished the eight hour trial in the Clark International Speedway, but the team also took home a 3rd place in their class.

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