Remember when Ford turned to the gaming community to help design their first-ever virtual race car a few months back? It seems like they have finally completed the digital racer, and they call it the Team Fordzilla P1 concept, a vision that is supposed to be the “ultimate virtual racer”.

The Team Fordzilla P1 concept looks wild, as the designers were not constrained by the limits of the real world. The final design seen here was penned by Ford exterior designer Arturo Arino. However, it was gamers that decided on various elements including seating position, cockpit-style, and drivetrain before Arino and other Ford designers worked up their interpretations.

Ford’s first virtual race car has a body that transforms image

According to Ford, Arino’s design is inspired by the flagship Ford GT supercar but features “morphing technology”. Yes, essentially Ford says the virtual race car’s body can transform depending on the race track; anything is possible in a video game after all. Some of the examples include the body morphing into a long tail racer for tracks like Le Mans or transform into a shorter body for tight circuits like Monaco.

For those wondering, we will be able to get behind the wheel of this wild-looking race car (virtually at least) as it is expected to be featured in a forthcoming racing game this 2021. Better yet, we will be able to see a full-scale model in real life later this year. Ford announced that they have already started the process at its design studios in Cologne, Germany. 

Ford’s first virtual race car has a body that transforms image

We doubt that the “morphing technology” from the virtual race car will make it into the full-scale model. But here’s to hoping the real-life version of the Team Fordzilla P1 concept can actually move under its own power.