Having many enthusiasts establish the fact that the Model S can go toe to toe against various supercars on a straight line, it appears Tesla may have recognized the potential of their unlikely road rocket. Through the efforts of Electric GT Holding, Inc., we will soon see the Tesla Model S in a totally different guise: As a full-fledged racecar.


The previous-gen P85 Model S, while retaining the stock 690PS electric motor that sends power to the rear wheels, has been prepped with a slew of parts to enable faster cornering. From the outside, the most noticeable change would be the addition of a massive rear wing for extra downforce. The arched fenders house wider tires on racing slicks, and according to the organizers plenty of work have gone into suspension and steering as well. Rounded out by minor aero up front and a gutted interior, The Model S racer will be the first model to partake in the new series. Despite Electric GT looking like a one-make Tesla race, organizers claim that it may be possible for other production vehicles to make it into the race in the near future.


While little is known about the upcoming series, from the looks of it the race follows the format of a typical touring car race. Each race will consist of a 20 minute practice session, 30 minute qualifying, and two back-to-back races that go for 60 kilometers each. A total of 10 teams with 20 drivers will contend for the championship. The inaugural season of Electric GT is set to kick off in 2017.