A new season and new rules will bring about a new wave of Japan Super GT cars, and this is the entry of Lexus: the newly launched RC F coupe in GT500 spec.

The Lexus RC F GT500 was presented in an unusual way by the Lexus Racing racing team. Incorporating a Daft Punk inspired theme for the vehicle promotion at the Tokyo Auto Salon, the Lexus racing team wears a custom double-breasted suits, top hats, headphones, and reflective sunglasses.

Lexus Racing first revealed the car during summer when it was named as the LF-CC but in the Tokyo Auto Salon it marked the debut of the renamed RC F in full race trim. The said model replaces the Lexus SC 430 GT500 car with a more powerful 2.0L turbocharged four cylinder engine that is capable of producing 507 PS.

The Lexus RC F will compete in the upcoming Super GT series which will begin on April 6.