The unexplored terrain and wilderness of surrounding Pu Toei National Park of Dan Chang in Suphan Buri Province welcomes four-wheel-drive enthusiasts as they took on the Magnificent Ten 2010 Thailand Off Road Challenge. Offroaders compete in a tough route consisting of seventeen stages through rain forests, streams, creeks, hills, slopes, and man-made obstacles. This year's event is part of the annual series organized by the Off Road magazine that has been going on for the past seven years.

These grueling tests of human endurance brought together teams from around the country in the hope of triumphing in some of the most treacherous off-road conditions imaginable. Teamwork and camaraderie were crucial. The competitive element came in a series of Special Stages or "SS," such as winching and timed driving routes, in which the teams competed against each other.

With a total prize of more than THB1million for all the categories, the Magnificent Ten 2010 Thailand Off Road Challenge was one of the highly anticipated competitions of the off road season. Categories consists of ten Super Open, ten Novice Open and five each from the Toyota Hilux Vigo Modify and Toyota Hilux Vigo Original. Each team will be tested on their ability to overcome various obstacles along the way. The event was a test of skill, stamina and mental agility in seventeen separate stages throughout four grueling and energy-sapping days which was broadcasted live on local television. This event was the single most successful event as both a sporting activity and a PR and marketing exercise.

The Magnificent Ten Thailand Off Road Challenge event is an annual event of Off Road magazine and the Off-Roaders Federation of Thailand and is staged at the beginning of every year. This year's Magnificent Ten 2010 Thailand Off Road Challenge event is sponsored by the Toyota Hilux Vigo.