We've heard of people stuffing V8 engines is a whole variety of cars. We've even heard stories of 10 and even 12 cylinder mills finding a new home in a different car. But have you ever wondered if anyone has shoved a Formula 1 engine in a car?

Well, this might be yours, or someone else's, chance. Up for sale is a Ferrari F1 engine, and it's just not any mill either. Now is your chance to buy the F2002 engine that won 15 races in 2002; the same year the tandem of Schumacher and Barichello were absolutely unstoppable.

How much, you ask? Well, it depends on who you're buying it from. RM Sotheby's will auction it off and they're expecting, at the very least, $50,000 from it. Of course, since it's bidding, it could reach way more than that if there's a wild bid placed.

So, what's the second way? You can buy it directly from Ferrari, but that could cost you more. Go straight to them and it can be yours for a whopping $90,000. That's about Php 4.6 million to you and me. With that price, you can get yourself a (really nice) luxury car or a condominium. Then again, what you get is a piece of motorsports history. It would also go really well with Schumacher's race-winning F2002 which is also going up for auction. 

Of course, if you're crazy enough to do this, you can stick it in whatever car you fancy. Of course, good luck getting it running in the first place, unless you're close to the folks at Maranello. Still, one can dream, right?