Nissan is aiming to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, and that doesn't just cover their production vehicles. In fact, they're also making an effort to make this possible in motorsports.

Having the distinction of being the first and only Japanese manufacturer in the ABB Formula E Championship, Nissan takes carbon-neutral motorsports one step further by testing the all-new Nissan Z in an endurance race.

This Nissan Z Racing Concept runs on zero-carbon fuel image

The Japanese manufacturer has entered the 2022 Fuji Supertec 24 Hours Race with two Nissan Z Racing Concepts – one with a gasoline engine ran by Max Racing Team, and the other is team Nismo running a Z equipped with a carbon-neutral fuel (CNF) compatible engine.

“In our pursuit of innovation, we have always challenged the limits of what is possible, but we have never compromised on what excites our fans. Whether it is the excitement mixed with the roar of the engines or silent speed, our ambition is to empower our customers to enjoy their experience without compromise,” said Ashwani Gupta, Nissan’s chief operating officer.

This Nissan Z Racing Concept runs on zero-carbon fuel image

Through their participation in the Fuji 24 Hours, Nissan's aim is to further develop the Z and accumulate valuable data that are only acquired through racing. In addition, the learning experience also gives the company a basis for future development, especially with the CNF-compatible engines.

"We are entering this 24-hour endurance race with two vehicles, one fueled by CNF, because the tougher the race, the more we learn. We expect to acquire ample data and know-how for future vehicle development, and at the same time we aim to show fans the unique driving performance of the all-new Z that we hope will exceed their expectations,” said Takao Katagiri, head of Nissan's Motorsports Business Unit Office and President of NMC.

With carbon-neutral race cars being a part of Nissan's future, the roaring engines we all love might not face extinction after all.